Upside Down, Fruit Side Up

Dinner isn’t worth eating sometimes if it isn’t followed by a delicious dessert. This dessert is quick and easy and won’t make you feel like hitting the gym the next day! It can be adapted with all sorts of fruits so see what you like best!

– 1 mango
– 1 nectarine
– 2 tablespoons quick cook pats
– vanilla extract
– brown sugar
– butter
– cinnamon

How to:
1. In a sauce pan put your sliced up fruits into the pan, without any skins
2. Add some vanilla and brown sugar and let them cook down. When they start to get mushy add a little bit of butter and let cook for another few minutes.
3. In a microwave safe bowl add a teaspoon of sugar, the same of brown sugar and just a splash of cinnamon. Add a bit of water to this and place into the microwave for a seconds to get the butter to melt. Then add a few tablespoons of oats and mush around so they’re all wet almost forming a paste. Form this to the bottom of the bowl so it’s a nice even layer.
5. Scoop your fruit on top and bam! Instant dessert! Whip cream is highly encouraged!


Got Me Goating Crazy

Okay so there’s no real recipe here, I just put things together that don’t usually go and wow was I surprised by the result!! So I was making tacos today with the usual suspects and as I was going through my cheese drawer I remembered I had goat cheese and my curiosity took over. Putting it on top of my taco with some hot sauce, radishes, tomatoes, and onions was just about the best thing to happen to my taco since salsa verde. Try this to jazz up your taco night!