Eggplant Fritters

Heres a secret; every supermarket has a going bad produce cart/ area.  This is great to get highly discounted veggies and fruit.  Now be advised it is going bad so you want to use it sooner than later, but you really can find some amazing deals there.  Thats what happened today. As I perused by I found 2 eggplants that weren’t even in bad condition for only a dollar!  Which is a steal, so thats what I did.  Upon taking them home I had no idea what to make, then I thought about eggplant meatballs, but I didnt have bread crumbs so next best thing was eggplant fritters.  They are kind of like pancakes, they’re light but filling and omg did I make a lot, way too much as a matter of fact.  But these will freeze wonderfully and feed me for weeks! 


  • eggplants, I used 2 medium/small ones
  • garlic: dried or powder
  • parsley 
  • parmesan cheese
  • 2 eggs
  • baking mix (something along the lines of bisquick)
  • salt and pepper

How to:

  1. peel your eggplant and then chop it up and place it into your food processor. No food processor? Shred it by hand, it sucks but is doable. 
  2. Put a LOT of salt into the eggplant mixture as well as a good amount of pepper.  And then load in your garlic and parsley.  This needs a lot of flavor so dont be chincy with anything.
  3. then add some parmesan cheese, this also add flavor so dont be afraid to really pour it in there.
  4. okay now add your baking mix, you will use more or less depending on how much water your eggplant has.  You will likely use at least 1 cup for 2 eggplants.  You want it to resemble pancake batter and to be a lot less watery.
  5. then scoop the batter onto a medium heat pan with cooking spray on it. Basically cook it like a pancake
  6. THEN EAT IT!!! NOM!
  7. thats it 😀




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