What In The World Am I Eating?

Hello from Brazil!!!!

I am currently enjoying a month long school trip to Brazil!  Although I am not really cooking during my time here, I am certainly enjoying all of the amazing cuisine that the country is offering.  Each day provides a new opportunity of flavors and foods. Breakfast is an array of fruits and breads, always accompanied by eggs and a very strong coffee.  Lunch is served buffet style with rice, beans, loads of veggies, and some things I am not really sure of.  Dinner has been an array of offerings.  One night was an amazing steak house, with more meats that I have ever seen before.  Some of which I tried for the first time (chicken hearts and ostrich).  One night was pizza, another was street food, the options are almost never ending. So instead of me just jabbering about what Ive been enjoying, let me show you.  Im not totally sure what everything is but I will try my best to describe to the best of my knowledge 😀  Happy Eating my Friends!!!




Lunch from the Inhotim Museum IMG_3098 IMG_3096The absolute BEST fried chicken I have ever had, made by a cute old lady near a remote area by a waterfall

Fried ravioli


Doce de Leite


Some samplings from the salad bar at the steak house


Pork Belly
IMG_1499 IMG_1505 IMG_1508


This grill house fed you more than you could ever hope to eat, and then dessert

IMG_1518 IMG_1519

Above are some breakfasts from the hotelIMG_3425 IMG_3426

This cake was honestly one of the best I’ve had.  Moist, loaded with fresh pineapple and other fruits but still light.


The avocado there are HUGE, and usually eaten sweet


Pao de quiejo, a cheesy bread with seriously addictive qualities


This takes like melted brownie and is SO easy to make, recipe to follow

An example of the street food, a chicken and bacon “burger” topped with potato sticks, egg, corn, and raisons.  Sounds weird, tastes amazing.  They also make their hotdogs like this, except it is cooked in a tomato based sauce thing. Its really good late night street food. IMG_3518 IMG_3519

More breakfast


A meal I cooked for myself, pasta and avocado, eaten with hot sauce


The fried looking things are Tropeiro, its fried pork belly, served with beans that are cooked with eggs and a type of flourIMG_3698 IMG_3710 IMG_3711 IMG_3712 IMG_3714 IMG_3717

The above was from a house party, they made a lot of meat, then grilled bananas IMG_3770

Pasteis, a fried heaven, filled with whatever you want

This was a mousse like dessert made from a fruit they have there called maracuja, Im not sure if it goes by a different name or is even found in the US, but it is REALLY good.



It was an amazing trip full of different flavors, adventures, and experiences.

2 responses to “What In The World Am I Eating?”

  1. this post is definitely excellent. I’m very happy that his days in Brasil were well used and that you liked our food. I’m very happy to see that you shared this experience here on my blog. I hope your blog has a lot of success. Desire and hope you have other amazing experiences! I’m developing a blog about cooking and if you want can be a columnist. It would be a pleasure. We can talk about it when you want.

    • Aw thanks! That would be amazing! To say I enjoyed my time there would be an understatement!!! I loved every minute, thanks for helping make such a great experience!

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