In March I will be participating in Relay for Life at Northeastern.  I absolutely love that this event brings together the whole university and shows how many of the students here have been touched by cancer.  I have been touched by cancer before, but this year the effects of a life changing disease became much more real for my family.  I am so thankful for these events that raise money for research but they also benefit the people going through treatment and other stages of the diagnosis.  Although I would love to see a world without cancer and other devastating diseases, we are not there yet, but with every dollar raised for Relay we get a little closer.

But how can I raise money?  I don’t want to attack my family, how can I raise money to support this amazing cause?  Well I went back to those great middle school days, I am going to host a bake sale, but with a twist.  From now until relay you can there will be a few ways to get one of my creations.

Way 1:

Specific ordering.  Tell me what you want, how much you want, and when you want it by.  I am available to deliver (location permitting).  You can chose from any of the recipes I have posted or you can ask me to make something and we can work out a deal.   This does not only apply to sweets, if you want savory things as well those are available.

Way 2:

Also from now until relay, when I make a meal, if I make more than one portion, the other portions will be up for sale.  This will be indicated very clearly on my Instagram, twitter, as well on the blog post.

So why should you help me fundraise this way?  Need some sweets for your sweety?  Well buy from me and know that not only are you getting something delicious for someone you care about, but you are also helping someone with cancer.   Need dinner? Don’t spend 8 bucks at Boloco, get a delicious meal from me, and help someone going through chemo!

Donations can be made to my relay for life page and I accept cash as well.

But wait THERE’S MORE!!!

First recipe is already up for sale!!! These peanut butter blossoms are just a few steps away from being in your belly!!

Email me at to place orders!!


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