FOR SALE: Christina’s Cannoli Bites

Hi all.  With this snowy day, why not stay inside and enjoy the warmth of inside with a sweet treat.  Not just any sweet treat though, this perfectly sculpted sweet treat: Christina’s Cannoli Bites.  The rich light cream of the cannoli filling on top of a sweet sugar cookie base.  This is the perfect dessert to eat on this snowy day and best part, I will come to you.  Oh yeah, you read that right, I DELIVER*.  So place an order now, they come in bite sized and large size.  Order today and help a good cause!

All proceeds go to relay for life, my page is located here

Email me at to place orders.  I also accept smoke signals and carrier pigeons.


These pictures look good.. but wouldn’t you rather taste it? DSC_0350  DSC_0356

*will deliver within reason

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