A Completely Biased Opinion: New Havens Other Gem

Everyone is starting to learn that New Haven is the Pizza MECCA (and if you don’t know… well I will be writing more about that soon). But did you also know that they have a ROBUST food truck program specializing Latinx options? If you don’t know, now you know! Read on to learn more about the Long Warf Food Truck Paradise

For as long as we have lived in Connecticut, we knew about the taco trucks in New Haven. Located along the Long Warf waterfront. Its nestled right next to 95, and is conveniently also next to the giant Ikea and new Jordan’s in New Haven. Back then, the food trucks took over the parking lot surrounding the water front, and it was a lot less official. In the mid 2010s they revamped the whole space making the flow for parking and ordering totally improved, including lighting, some standing tables, and lots of places to park. And now the already locally popular location, is more welcoming for people looking to explore the options!

Like I said, this is a totally biased opinion, because although there are ALL sorts of food trucks along Long Warf, when we go, we have laser focus on the tacos. Not only that, but this is one of the only places I will eat tacos out. Because after you’ve had these tacos for a few bucks (usually $1.50), you wont want to pay restaurant prices for tacos. But just as a bi-line there are all sorts of foods like hot dogs (in operation since 1960), Puerto Rican, pizza, dessert, American, and much much more (so be adventurous and try them out!)

Back to the tacos… again if you are feeling adventurous the trucks are known for having lingua and Cabeza, aka tongue and head, which are delicacies. Although I have tried them once, it wasn’t my thing and I will keep to my carnitas and asada tacos! My typical order is three types of tacos. That makes a great light lunch. Encourage you to also have a Jarrito’s soda, especially if you add some spice on them. All tacos have meat with an onion and cilantro mixture and a lime. Usually there are salsas you can take to add on, and sometimes it is served with other veggies like fresh cucumber, grilled onions, and radish. Each food truck serves a little differently, and sometimes each time we go we get something a little different on the side. Although we love the tacos the menus have lots of options not only in food but drinks and sides. My sister loves the mangonada which has fresh mango, tajin, and chamoy. Recently I had a cemitas and my husband tried a burrito. Just keep in mind, the burritos aren’t like a chipotle burrito, much simpler and smaller!

There’s so many options, this post could be pages and pages long. BUT, it all comes down to this: DON’T SKIP THE NEW HAVEN FOOD TRUCKS! If you are taking a culinary journey to try some pizza, do yourself a favor and pop over for some tacos and all the other great options they offer at the Food Truck Paradise!

To Long Didn’t Read:

  • Food Truck Paradise in New Haven is worth a visit
  • Sometimes the trucks are cash only, so make sure you have cash
  • Tacos are my favorite option to get, but there are lots of options
  • Although there is some seating, eating in your car is totally acceptable
  • Operating daily, can be busy during meal times

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