When I was a senior in high school, I was tasked with a final senior project. The result of that assignment was this food blog. After several years, a few trips around the world, and a new camera, my passion for food is stronger than ever. This blog is designed with the everyday person in mind. I live a busy lifestyle, but I still have time to eat well, and I want everyone else to be able to do the same! I hope you are inspired by my recipes and that you are hungry after seeing pictures of my delicious food. Enjoy my site!


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11 responses to “About”

    • Edamame – do the same as Chrissy has posted for roasted chick peas – yum. Thanks for a great treat Christina.

  1. its about time you started to share some of your fav’s..i look forward to trying some. I like the twist on the buffalo chicken, will pass that on to the guys at the house. Yum

  2. As the “Content Consultant,” I think I should be getting some samples of these yummy foods. Your pictures look great, and I love your creativity. I’m thinking I could go for that Italian sub right now! Yumm!

  3. Hey Chrissy – What is foam – like the kind Marcel made on Top Chef EVERYTIME he cooked and how do you make it? Just wondering…

    • from what i can tell it is basically a cream sauce that is greatly reduced on low heat with flavor add ins, then blended, then all of the recipes involved using a foamer with cartridges, so i feel that you need that tool in order to actually make the dish. but yes they do use it very often on top chef.

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