My Theory

Cooking is something people don’t often enjoy, mostly because they over-complicate it and make it as confusing and scientific as possible. I won’t. I believe everyone enjoys different flavors and has different tastes. So, if a recipe calls for a sprinkle of parsley, feel free to dump in a bunch or merely put in a pinch, because if you’re the one that is going to be eating it, you should like it.  Also, when cooking, people are often hungry and want to get it done as soon as possible. To facilitate the process, I rarely ever (if at all) will state exact measurements of anything, because, frankly, I hate measuring, and it only adds time and extra dishes.  So you will often see me use terms such as pinch, sprinkle, dash, generous sprinkle, etc. All of these terms are just easier ways to measure, and you should add the amount of flavor you actually want in your dish.  My dishes are adaptable to many common ingredients and can be used for a variety of occasions. I hope my “theory” makes cooking less chore-like and more delicious!

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