Pomegranate. I liked them before they were cool

Lets enrich ourselves with a story, because not every fruit gets one:

Persephone was the beautiful daughter or Zeus and Demeter.  She was loved by all and traveled across the word, basking everyone in her beauty and character.  One day when her mother turned her back, Hades ripped open the ground and stole Persephone into the underworld.  Her mother was furious to hear of her daughter being kidnapped, and in her anguish she let the world die, Zeus fearing for the status of the world sent a messenger to persuade Hermes to release Persephone, Hades agreed, but to try to keep Persephone longer gave her a pomegranate, and for ever seed she ate, she had to stay that many months in the underworld.  She ate 4 seeds and  therefore had to stay in the underworld for 1/3 of the year. That is why we have the seasons, for when Persephone is in the underworld, her mother is broken-hearted, and reflects her grief in nature.

I mean since every fruit doesn’t have a significant story i thought id share that with you.  And although this is a recipe blog, this isn’t a recipe.  I know everyone knows what a pomegranate is, but now that they are in season i think everyone should go to the store, pick one up and enjoy it naturally.  Not drink its juice mixed with blueberry or some other crazy combination, but just eat it as a nice healthy fruit.  It is as much fun to eat, as it is healthy.  So go and get a pomegranate( beware of ridiculous prices though) and enjoy this “super fruit” in all its glory!

2 responses to “Pomegranate. I liked them before they were cool”

  1. Hey! I saw this on my facebook, and i think its so funny because one of the memories of our neighborhood that i do have is eating a pomagranate in my house! i ❤ you blog, its so cute!!
    ~<3 Michal

  2. Oh man, this reminds me of when I was still at BHS. I used to try to eat lunch in the library – sometimes I would get away with it and sometimes I’d be told off by the librarians. BUT there was one time I was eating a pomegranate and as the librarian was walking over I was sure I was about to get yelled at and instead she said, “You really are strange aren’t you? I have never seen someone bring a pomegranate to school for lunch.”

    Also, made pomegranate glazed steak for dinner last night – yummm.

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