Spotlight: The Persimmon

What you may ask is a persimmon? Well it looks kind of like a tomato, and has the color of a pumpkin.  When people ask me whether or not they would like one this is my usual response to them, if you like plums and mangoes, you will like persimmons.  They taste basically like those two fruits had a child, but for some reason it looks like a tomato.  With everyone watching there figure, I suggest trying this sweet fruit to shake up your diet.  Its super healthy and flavorful and can be used in a variety of different ways, but my favorite is to just eat it plain.


So theres no recipe for this fruit but here is how to eat it and how to know when to eat it.  There are two types of persimmons the one I have photographed below and one that looks like a heart.  If you get the one that looks like a heart you have to let it get really ripe before eating it.  The one that looks like a tomato should be kind of squishy when you grab it and have what look like bruises to know it is ready.  You can also let it get even riper and it gains the texture of jelly.  Now to eat it you just slice it, and scoop out the insides, do not eat the skins.   I have provided a picture 😀 

so when you see this mysterious fruit next time, pick one up and try it, you may find it to become a new favorite.  



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