Green Bean Fighting Machine

I do apologize for the lull in postes lately, being at home with my loving parents to make dinner, it was easy to not cook or post for a while.  My deepest apologies.  And this week seems to be that I am getting sick so the posting will probably be disappointing, although I will probably be posting some super vitamin C recipes.  But none the less being sick still means I have to eat, I’m usually just too tired to do it. So this recipe for green beans as a side is super quick and easy and well not going to lie, delicious.  Its the perfect side for anything, and it is a great healthy alternative.  So although this recipe doesn’t have a picture, trust me, its really easy and really good.  Once I kick this what ever it is I have I promise to produce some killer recipes! 



  • frozen green beans
  • butter
  • montreal steak seasoning or dried garlic, salt, and pepper
  • jalapeño tabasco sauce, also called green pepper sauce (this is totally optional!) 

how to:

  1. if you have a steamer, steam your veggies.  If not, place the green beans in a sauté pan, and fill till there just almost covered in water. Place on medium high heat and cover.
  2. let them cook for about 10 minutes until the green beans are tender then drain them
  3. in the pan place a little bit of olive oil then sprinkle in the dried garlic, let it cook for just a second or two before putting in the green beans as well.  then cover in a healthy dose of salt and a lot of pepper.  
  4. let cook for a bit, stirring occasionally, and adding the spices as deemed necessary.  Just about before there done dash in the hot sauce(if you want to), then stir some more, before adding the butter(very little) and finish them off for a few more minutes.
  5. then viola there done!  They will make you whole house smell good! And if you’ve had boston market green beans this recipe is there twin! There easy and delicious! enjoy!!

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