Cauliflower Pizza Kitchen

This creative play on words has more meaning than just me being puny.  All I have seen on pintrest is these cauliflower bread stick things.  Well not gonna lie, first time I tried it, it was not good.  But I came back with a vengeance  and with attempt number two, this recipe is now worth posting.  This is a disclaimer, this pizza WILL NOT satisfy pizza cravings that usually develop around 1 am on friday or saturday.  But if you want pizza on a wednesday but realize you probably shouldn’t really be eating that, this is the recipe for you.  New year new you and this is a recipe to keep in mind when trying to stay healthy.


  • cauliflower
  • egg
  • cheese
  • minced garlic
  • pepper
  • pizza toppings

How to:

  1. begin by putting the cauliflower in a food processor. You can chop it up, but it isn’t as uniform and tiny.  So process it until it is small pellets.
  2. then in a large bowl mix the cauliflower with one egg a handful of cheese ( I used a mix of grated cheddar and parmesan), pepper and minced garlic (either used dried or lightly cook before adding to the mixture)
  3. on a baking sheet layer with wax paper and cooking spray
  4. layer the cauliflower layer thin on the baking sheet. it should be about a centimeter or less thin, otherwise it will take too long to cook.
  5. in a 400 degree oven, cook for about 15- 20 minutes until it starts to get golden.  Flip it over an add your toppings.  I went with cheese, fresh tomato and basil. but it could hold any flavor your put on top of it.
  6. bake for another 10-15 minutes so the cheese is melted and any toppings that need to cook have.
  7. then slice and enjoy!!


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