Enchanting Enchiladas

I do apologize for the obscene amount of mexican food posts I have uploaded, I am going to do my best to mix it up a bit, but mexican is my go to favorite and comfort food and it has been especially easy to make these past few weeks.  So this is yet another one, but this recipe is important to keep in your arsenal because it is great for a crowd or single serve.  It takes no time at all and is great for what ever you may have lying around.  This will be a new go to on those lazy nights when you really don’t want to cook but can’t bare the thought of eating another box of mac and cheese.


  • flour or corn tortillas, the smaller size ideally
  • precooked meat, I went with chicken but steak or veggies would work too
  • beans, black or refried
  • cottage cheese (this is optional but it gives it the creamy texture and adds some good nutrients
  • regular cheese, whatever you got
  • salsa
  • for garnish a mix of lettuce, diced onion and fresh cilantro, this makes you feel like you basically at a restaurant

How to:

  1. since everything is basically precooked just mild assembly is required
  2. heat oven to 380/400
  3. in a oven safe cooking dish, put your tortillas face up and open like a taco (they may need to be microwaved for a few seconds to make them flexible)
  4. then add in your chicken/protein, and beans and a little bit of cottage cheese.  take the two “wings” of the tortilla and bring them together tucking one under the other then rolling it over, so now the tortillas seem is on the bottom of the pan, aka it won’t open and spill on you
  5. then on top pour over a healthy dose of salsa, whatever kind you like, getting it decently wet, don’t be cheap
  6. then add a healthy dose of cheese on top and place into the oven.
  7. cook for about 10-15 minutes until the cheese is hot and melty
  8. top with your garnish and dig in!  its like your at a mexican restaurant without paying like your at a mexican restaurant!


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