It’s Like a Little Bit of Heaven Plopped on my Plate

Okay so this blog is usually a place I post my own recipes and that’s it. But last night I had food soooo good it was worthy of a blog post. And I’m not exaggerating here. It wasn’t one of those situations your so damn hungry a French fry off the ground would taste like steak, no no I had eaten a good dinner and wasn’t even that hungry. This dessert could quite possibly be what dreams are made of. And it wasn’t just my dessert, everyone at the tables dessert was amazing and we all got different things. What I got was the Boston cream, well there take on it. Because normally I don’t like Boston cream things, but this way, I would never eat anything else again. But that’s not where it ended, I also had a little ice cream Sandwich with vanilla gelato and cherry almond Florentines, then whoopie pies which were like two pieces of brownie fudge with cream in the middle, and dotted on the plate was apricot sauce and they threw some fresh fruit on there to make you feel a bit healthier. It had everything you wanted, chocolate, fresh, fruit, ice cream, oh man, i would marry the person that came up with that I don’t care who they are or what they look like but in our marriage vows it would say they had to make that at least once a month. The other thing I tried was there molten cake, it was like chocolate volcano of happiness, if you are ever having a bad day, GO here and eat that, you won’t even remember why you were upset, but you’ll also be in a chocolate coma for 2 weeks.

This place was so good, it got a lengthy shout out on my blog. The place is finale, you should definitely check it out!



One response to “It’s Like a Little Bit of Heaven Plopped on my Plate”

  1. this place has a best dessert ever!!! I go here every time I’m in the area!! the sampler plate with ALL the desserts is the best!!!

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