A Hot Pot of Happiness

So after thanksgiving everyone is probably going on a raw vegetable diet and I have a few things to say to that; 1) your beautiful, you don’t need to worry 2) don’t bother, this is the season of eating and accept it 3) not all delicious things are fattening! Number three is most important because this morning I made a hot pot of deliciousness and although it tastes like a brownie in a mug it really doesn’t have many bad things in it and you can monitor the sugar content! This really does taste like a brownie in a mug, but it’s liquid and fabulous. This is a good drink as you have a relaxing morning post food coma!

-half and half
– baking cocoa/ cocoa power
-cinnamon (either a stick or powder)
-vanilla extract
-a piece of chocolate ( I highly recommend this but it’s not necessary)

How to:
1) get a sauce pot and add 1/2 a cup of milk and 1/2 a cup of water. Then just a splash of cream. And place this on medium/medium low heat.
2) add a tablespoon and a half of your cocoa powder and about 2 tablespoons of sugar ( less if you like it less sweet)
3) add a splash of vanilla extract (a generous one) then a sprinkle of cinnamon ( a little goes a long way)
4) let this cook stirring continuously
5) the milk will start to steam and once all the powder is dissolved add in your piece of chocolate.
6) let this cook until it just starts to form a soft boil. Then top with whip cream and enjoy!!!





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