Great, Quick Way to Start Your Morning

A lot of people, including myself, skip breakfast. Well stop!! It’s so bad for you, you are probably grumpy, and it’s easy enough that you don’t need to skip it. This recipe takes 3 minutes to make in the morning and you won’t regret eating it on your way to your 8 am.

-parsley salt and pepper
-precooked bacon

How to:
1. So the key is that I cooked the eggs the night before and I Cooked it in the onions with the parsley and salt. You can make it the morning of, but it makes it easier to make it the night before.
2. Then take the eggs, put it on one side of the bread, then put the bacon and cheese on the other.
3. Place in the toaster and just toast it up until the cheese is melted.
4. Told you it was easy right??



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