After several weeks of hard work I reveal to you, MY NEW AND IMPROVED BLOG!!

After 4 years, several trips, new kitchens, new foods, and a new camera, I decided it was time to take it up a notch.  The site is still under renovations so expect more changes but heres some of the things that have changed.

A New Identity:

Although the name of the blog has not changed I’ve adopted a new identity from which to post the blog by, everyday foodie.  As I hope to grow and expand I hope everyday foodie can be a name people trust and rely on to consistently bring them great food ideas and recipes.  This also means a new email, message me any of your questions and a new twitter, , and maybe more to come! Oh did I mention the best part? A NEW DOMAIN! Thats right, is how you can find my site, a cute quick name that hopefully you will spread to all you know! But don’t worry, if you type in the other name you will still be directed here!

A New Look:

Now that I got this fancy new camera, I want to showcase the pictures! So this new theme has big pictures, right off the bat, that hopefully lure you in to see the recipe they were made with.  Meanwhile I will continue to advance my photography and hopefully take the most appetizing pictures for all of you to enjoy!

A New Team:

I have recruited some people to edit my blog.  Hopefully they catch all my mistakes and make it a literary pleasure as well as a visual one!

Looking to the future:

BUT WAIT! There’s more! Sometimes life gets in the way, so although I am currently relaunching my blog, there are still things I want to change and improve and this site will continue to see changes to be the best blog possible!


I hope you enjoy the changes I have made and will continue to make.  Take a peak at the recipes I have been making while the site was under construction!

Looking forward to FOUR MORE YEARS!!!

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