How Sweet It Is to Be Loved By You

This Valentines day I’d like to take a moment to recognize my one true love.  I’m talking to you coffee.  You were there to pick me up those late nights in the library.  You’ve warmed me up in the cold times.  And those times when its hot and steamy, you are there with your perfect iced blend to cool me down.  Oh coffee, you’ve always been there for me, but somethings got to change.  It is time to revamp my coffee lifestyle for the better and healthier.  That way I can enjoy you alllllll day long.

I love coffee, but, I haven’t learned to love it black.  As a matter of fact I love it sweet and light… really sweet and light.  And that can add up to a lot of calories, and if you are drinking it daily?  Well your sugar intake is just shot.  So I’ve created a recipe to make a nice sweet coffee blend with NO sugar.  I drink it iced but you can drink it warm or however.  Plus, make it in advance and use it when you need it!


  • coffee (any kind)
  • dried whole dates (1 per cup)
  • 1 pinch cinnamon
  • 1 splash extract (optional)

How to:

  1. Brew your coffee, however you brew it, then drop in the date.
  2. Then add the cinnamon and extract if you want it.
  3. Then let it cool naturally for a few hours, then place in the fridge to chill.
  4. Once chilled pour over ice (or heat it up if you want it hot), add your dairy products if you want and enjoy.
  5. It sounds really simple, but I’ve never heard anyone do it.  It makes a sweet cup of coffee without any added sugar!

Drink on coffee lovers, drink on!

DSC_0318 DSC_0330

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