Definitive Ranking of Ramen Around Boston

My husband and I LOVE ramen. For our first few years of dating we made it a point to try as many places around Boston as we could. Here is our guide to the best places to slurp up ramen!

1) Little Big Diner

Little Big Diner in Newton, MA is not a diner at all, but instead a delicious ramen spot. Our go to orders are typically the Miso Ramen and Chef Ultra Ramen. As with most of these rankings we have to start off with a solid base and all of the broth bases here are rich and flavorful. One of the things that elevate Little Big to the top of the list is their toppings. Things like white kimchi and funny cabbage give this ramen the extra edge and slurp-ability. Also recommend getting the karaage fried chicken while you are there!

Keep in mind the restaurant has small seating area, and it is not ideal for large groups. You may have to wait, but walking around Newton Center is a great way to wait! Their take out is also delicious and an easy way to avoid the wait!

2) Ganko Ittetsu Ramen

Whenever someone wants to try ramen for the first time, Ganko Ittetsu in the Brookline Arcade is the place I will bring them. They feature on their website a nifty chart that graphs their ramen by spiciness and traditional vs modern. They also have more detailed descriptions for their ramens which I appreciate when trying something new. I have tried a lot of things on the menu, but I always seem to go back for the miso. Although Shio was a second favorite of the people I have taken there!

3) Isshindo

The Super 88 in Allston previously had Pikaichi ramen in their sit down restaurant spot, which we loved (and the only reason its not on the list is we haven’t made it to their brick and mortar in Medford yet) but now they have Isshindo, and what a great option it is! This menu has a lot more diversity than just ramen. Which means its great to have a larger dinner with lots of fun sides, or a suitable alternative for a group without ramen lovers in it. They have a lot of interesting flavors, even a vegetarian option. I went straight for their namesake, while my husband enjoyed the miso. Each were different from each other but delicious in their own way! Not to be forgotten a steam bun or other appetizer to enjoy!

4) Hokkaido Ramen Santouka Harvard Square

One of the things I love about Hokkaido is that they have sizes! Sometimes one size doesn’t fit all, and maybe you want less or maybe you need a large option! They also have ramen combos, as in a bowl of ramen plus a side! Which again really appeals to my desire for diversity! Hokkaido has a diverse array of offerings, including Tsukemen which has the broth served separately from the noodles! With a diversely large menu, and LOTS of seating, this is a great location for a larger group!

5) Tsurumen Davis

Tsurumen is more than just a restaurant, its an event. Because this restaurant was only going to be open for 1000 days, changing the menu every 200 days, thankfully they have decided to stay in Davis! They’re menu is small but it helps that you cannot make a bad choice. They keep the spirit of their first 1000 days alive by having interesting specials and pop ups. Everything, including the noodles are made by hand, and we found this ramen to stand out in its uniqueness!

Honorable Mentions:

  • If you are in Portland Maine our GO TO PLACE every time is Pai Men Miyake. We love this restaurant and will enjoy it in the heat of summer just as much as the dead of winter!
  • Looking to save a little money, but addicted to ramen, a great option is the sun noodle ramen kit sold at Whole Foods. You can get 2 noodle and soup bases for $5.99 and the noodles cannot be beat with this kit. It is a great option for when you want to save a little money, but have to scratch that ramen itch. Plus customize it with the toppings you like!

Where else should we try? Leave me a comment to let me know!

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