Smells like Home Homefries

To commemorate our first family dorm breakfast we went all out and made a feast.  Bacon, fruit, cinnamon rolls, and home fries.  Now these home fries are utterly perfect for dorm living because there are few ingredients, it is easy to cook, and you can really feed a crowd of hungry coeds.  Not to mention these will make your whole dorm smell delicious and if you make a batch on sunday you can eat it all week long.


  • potatoes
  • white onion
  • pepper and salt
  • garlic, minced onion (optional)

How to:

  1. wash the potatoes really well
  2. place in the microwave and press the baked potato button (if you don’t have one cook in 3 minute intervals until soft)
  3. Take them out just a few minute shy of done, this will make them easier to slice
  4. slice up a 1/4 of a large onion, or a half depending on how much onion you like, and sauté with a bit of oil and a thin slice of butter
  5. let the onion cook until soft, and meanwhile slice up the potatoes into bite sized chunks.
  6. add the potatoes to the pan and add another slice of butter
  7. add the minced garlic and salt and pepper
  8. I found that through the cooking process you will continuously add more garlic and pepper to layer on the flavor
  9. cook on medium low for about 20 minutes getting the potatoes nice and golden brown, they can sit on low on the stove while you cook other things too
  10. and once they’re nice and cook, serve and enjoy!!

This recipe will definitely be remade in this dorm and I hope you try it in yours!


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