Fourth Full of Flavor

So with this Independence Day also came a heat wave which promptly woke me up in my un-air conditioned apartment. So since I was awake I figured I’d make a delicious breakfast that’s filling because as I head into the city I am unsure when I’ll be eating again. So with this I made a delicious bacon egg and cheese. I used a small bagel so I get all the protein if the egg with less of the carb from the bagel. It fills you up without weighing you down. It’s the perfect thing to get you up and going this morning.

-mini bagel (or a big one)
-precooked bacon
-cheese of your choice

How to:
1. Grab you skillet and put on medium heat and start heating up your bacon
2. You want this grease to give your eggs flavor and then you don’t have to add pan spray
3. Once there is enough grease ( or spray some pan spray) crack your egg into the pan and try to contain it so it is smaller. If this is too hard were gonna fold it in the end so that’s fine too.
4. So cook your egg to your desired amount of runny-ness and then add your cheese
5. Then assembly it all up and bam! It’s better than anything Dunkin donuts could ever do!!!


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