Eggplant Parm Revamped

So while perusing through market basket I stumbled across these Japanese eggplants that were only a dollar and I thought why not. I have never cooked with these before but took a chance on revamping a classic. It was unfortunate timing to make this dish today since it is so hot and the last think you want is a hot dinner, but it’s so full of flavor that youll ignore that tiny fact in order to eat it.

– eggplant
– fresh tomatoes
– fresh garlic
– onion
– pasta
– oil
– basil
– salt and pepper

How to:
1. Begin sautéing 2 gloves of garlic and 1/4 onion
2. Once those are golden add in your diced eggplant. Add a bit of water to the pan at least 3 times to get it soft, not a lot of water though.
3. Add basil salt and pepper and continue to sauté. Once the eggplant is soft add a tablespoon of butter and then add in your tomatoes and continue to cook.
4. Once your pasta is done add it to the pan and continue to cook for at least 5 minutes to let the favors get together.
5. Throw some cheese in there or ricotta if you have it! It tastes like eggplant Parm!!



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